Bahasa Melayu UPSR Certain Trend


There is a certain trend in the Bahasa Melayu UPSR . Please be aware that most of the time, there will be the "nilai nilai murni" which will be incorporated as a part of the answering UPSR Bahasa Melayu paper part C or Karangan. Looking back on the trend since 2005-2008 we are sure to provide good Forecast again!! . www.tipexam.com will  compile and provide detail analysis for the 2009 Bahasa Melayu UPSR.

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Apr 02nd by AdminTipsexam


  1. salamm , taun ney sy amek pmr .
    gementar sungguh .
    da lah lemah math dgn sn .
    cmne ney ?


  2. weak in overall all subjects spm


  3. hi kalai
    You should get a copy of exam tips.

    We cant promise you anything but… you will have no regret over the contents that we provide to you


  4. bahasa melayu all the best


  5. I need some more clear tips for Science and Bahasa Melayu b’cause I get c for both of the subjects.


  6. As For Bahasa Melayu subject, we recommend you master Tatabahasa well. You can leave spotting EXAM TIPS for Karangan to US.

    As for Math, constantly do a lot of exercise. I believe you can do it…!!! dont wait till last minute. Start exam paper ASAP.

    IN SKOR MINDA TUITION CENTER we drill our student for Exam Paper NOW!!! Is your tuition teacher up to that challenge.???


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