Tatabahasa untuk UPSR dan PMR 2010


Pelajar harus mahir menjawab soalan MCQ. Lihat contoh dibawah…… Baca dan cuba anda bayangkan reaksi anda jika soalan in muncul bagi tahun 2010.

How do you solve multiple choice questions for Bahasa Melayu? There are times when solving MCQ questions are so challenging. Students are given 4 options to choose but all the options are so similar to each other. Lets take an example below..

Sample Question Bahasa Melayu

How to tackle the above question:

  1. First of all if you facing this dilemma, list down the definition of the 4 options
  2. Ask yourself which of the following verb or noun can be use in the context
  3. Zoom in and select the best answer

Answer: C
Melahirkan: Mengeluar anak dari kandungan; bersalin
Mengeluarkan: Muncul
Menghasilkan: Mendatangkan pulangan
Mencipta: Menerbitkan sesuatu fikiran

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  8. HI Sue
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