Karangan for UPSR 2011


Tipsexam would be revealing 2 sets of karangan for UPSR 2011. The first set of Karangan would focus on Sekolah Kebangsaan while the second set would focus on Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan Cina. The package would include both set and students are required to read all the karangan from both school. Reading the both set from SRJKC and SK would increase the chances of spotting the right karangan. Please book early for the exam tips 2011. Our Tips are comprehensive tips with great SI index. Please purchase a copy now!!!

Purchase tips Terpilih Hebat for better rebate value. Early purchase would entitle better discounts compared to last minute purchase. If tuition centers and school teachers are using our exam tips, why not you ?

Mar 20th by AdminTipsexam

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