Exam Tips for SPM Karangan 2011


Dear Students and Parents.
Bahasa Melayu Kertas 1 will comprise of
a) 4 SPOT Titles of “Karangan Rangsangan”
b) 9 SPOT Titles for” Karangan Respons Terbuka”

Sample “Karangan” is provided and we hope that students read through through all the titles. Yes, we do provide quite a number of titles  all because this is the FIRST YEAR for the new SYLLABUS to be implemented.

Our Forecast for the past 2 years
2009 – 100% Accurate (1 Karangan was spotted)
2010 – 100 % Accurate  (1 Karangan was spotted)

About This year 2011
Base on our confidence level (90% confidence), we believe we will be able to spot accurately at least one “karangan ” for the SPM 2011. We cant guarantee our success but to try our best to deliver what is the hottest topic which will be very likely to appear in the SPM 2011 examination. All our forecast questions are mere prediction base on “Current News”, “Trial Papers” , “Teacher’s Feedback”   and “past year SPM paper”.

We cannot guarantee the accuracy of the forecast questions. Please use at your own risk. Although our success rate for the previous year shows impressive result, we cannot it will be the same for the current year. Do keep in mind that all the exam tips provided in the booklet is not derived from leak questions but mere forecast questions.

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