UPSR Paper Leak – Major Issue


We have stress again and again that leak papers will not help in  real exams rather it brings public agony. Poor those students who are not involved but still need to resit for the UPSR papers. Today most of the parents, students and teachers are looking for short path for success. Rather than studying hard, they opt to go for leak papers and this had led to total embarrassment to the public examination.

It took us 3 months to analysed question papers from various states and we are certain that our analysis will help students to excel. With the leak and resitting the UPSR Exam Papers, all our hard work will go down to the drain. We have wasted all our time and resources and this is really demoralizing.

Why did students, parents and teachers participate in leak papers?
It is morally WRONG to purchase leak papers. Students instead should study hard rely on hard work.

Tipsexam.com sources:
We only provide tips and NOT leak papers. The difference between tips and leak papers are, tips will be  focused on analysis, trials and past year questions while leak papers are syndicate who commits crime to steal government papers and distribute them either for the sake of money or cheap publicity.

Leak Papers
Obtaining leak papers are pure laziness. It focus on committing crime rather than providing educational value. We strongly detest this act because there is no educational value in memorizing answers without much understanding.

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PT3 Tips and Analysis Ready!!!!


PT3 Tips and analysis will be ready very soon. The analysis consist of hottest questions for the past 4 years and we are glad that we are completing it as soon as possible. Just to inform you that we do not provide leak papers and all our tips are base on analysis. PT3 is very new in the market and there might be some variance in the expected result. However please note that all our exam tips is the closest you can get to the real exam. Get a copy to day!!!

Tips consist of only 4 subjects
a) Math
b) Science
c) English
d) Bahasa Melayu


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