Review of Price for UPSR Exam Tips


Ok… disebabkan oleh bantahan ibu bapa terhadap kenaikan harga exam tips. Pihak Edunovice bersetuju mengurangkan harga Exam Tips.

Harga Exam Tips (Valid fromĀ  1 September 2009 – 5th September 2009)
RM 250 untuk UPSR (Dihantar melalui Pos Laju 2-3 hari untuk sampai ke destinasi )
RM 400 untuk UPSR (Dihantar melalui Fax )

Please inform us if you are purhasing it !!!!

Exam Tips will be at RM 400 beginning 6th September 2009.

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Exam Tips SPM : Add Math Important Formula Part 1


Here are some of the important formula for Add Math. Never try to by heart
the formulas. Math is all about understanding what is important
Learn the concept and understand how to apply

Some Useful information

Very useful. Make sure you understand how to apply the formula in your exam. Please understand how to use the law of log, indices, area under the graph, differentiation, integration, Geometric Series, Arithmetic Series and etc. If you have any questions, please feel free to post your questions to us to clarify your doubts.

For students who has alot of difficulty in SPM, please write to enquiry@tipsexam.com. Our tutor can guide you using email or electronic white board programs. Last of all we wish you best of luck in you exams. Dont forget to purchase a copy of Exam Tips though our websites.!!!

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