Upgrade Exam Tips Delivery


Due to some complaints from parents regarding the POS EXPRESS. We would like to extend our service to several options. You can opt us to delivery your exam tips via several courier service provider. Please understand that we charge flat rate

POST LAJU : RM 12.00
DHL : RM 80.00

If you need us to deliver via DHL, it will be a bit more expansive since DHL is quite a distance from our main office. Futhermore, they charge really expansive for any delivery locally and internationally.

Just Call us at 012-4594388

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Tips SPM 2014 – (Tips Terpilih Hebat)


We are glad to announce that our SPM 2014 tips will be ready soon. Please make your order now since we have the following tips for the upcoming year. I would suggest you order as soon as possible to avoid

SPM Tips package will comprise the following and they are the lastest tips for this year. Tipsexam can personally assure you that our tips are the best in the market.

Physic Tips 2014
Bahasa Melayu Tips 2014
Science Tips 2014
Sejarah Tips 2014
Chemistry Tips 2014
Biology Tips 2014
Mathematics Tips 2014
Add Math Tips 2014
English Tips 2014



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