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Several Questions raised by parents, teachers and students regarding the PT3. Till today there is no solid answers pertaining the PT3. The ad hoc decision from the ministry of education creates many uncertainty and unhappiness among parents and teachers. Due to the deliberate announcement, some local publishers even face financial difficulty due to changes in educational policies. It is sad that we have to go through this. Among the questions raised would be:-

Is the there a format for the PT3?……. NOT YET RELEASE
Will the PBS marks be accounted for the PT3? …… NOT CERTAIN
What about the test paper? Is the school going to provide for exam or it is base on paper set by the ministry of education?
Who will mark the paper ? …. OBVIOUSLY SCHOOL TEACHER
How many subjects will be tested in the PT3? ….. NOT CERTAIN TOO….
We need solid answers from MOE. We hope they can be certain this time. It is 8th April Today.

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UPSR Math Fraction Exercises


We have collection of upsr math exercises in our tuition portal. You can view it following the link below. The exercises are pretty good and ranges from simple to complex problems and it will help student to drill for better understanding about FRACTIONS. If you would like to purchase the entire set of our drill Quesitons, Please download our order form.

Those who purchase the Exam tips will be given massive discounts on the exercises. There are approximately 1000 questions in our Nota Perdana. All the Nota Perdana is our collection of questions given during the May Holidays. Why wait so long when you can learn more. (Sample)


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