Science Tips for PMR 2013


Dear students, Thanks for visiting us, we have given some notes where we feel it will help most of you in your exam. The notes provided is a simplified notes which we feel important for the current 2013 exam. We are just trying to help those who are preparing for exam and we would like to stress that the notes can only be meaningful for last minute revision. Hope you would be able to use it wisely

Oct 04th by AdminTipsexam

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SPM 2013 Tips (35 books remaining)


Hi guys… you have seen our prediction. So what  are you waiting for ? Yes we do agree it was not word by word but think about this, our tips will help you in your SPM.

Look a the PMR Exam Tips for 2013 (2nd October 2013).

It came out!!!! Amazing right.

SPM students please order now!!!

Oct 02nd by AdminTipsexam

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