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Many of you guys are expecting reliable tips from Panitia sekolah and also from head master. Tipsexam.com is the leading exam tips provider where we harvest tips mostly from reliable sources. Some of the tips are hand in by our most respected Panitia sekolah where we anticipate and predict quality exam tips for our UPSR students. This year we would like ton inform you that our tips are super reliable because we have managed to secure another tips provider all the way from Sungai Petani. He has been working as tips provider in that region for almost 15 years and we are glad to have him into the team.

Expecting average of 75% accuracy for  Karangan Bahasa Melayu
Expecting average of 50% accuracy for Pemahaman  Bahasa Melayu

The data/statistics is provided by our new team and the new teacher from SP. We hope the best and train the best for our students.

Feb 18th by AdminTipsexam

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UPSR Tips Karangan 2014


Tipsexam would be publishing 5 Karangan for UPSR this year. In the 5 karangan, we will try to narrow down the titles and provide some insights what would be the hottest topic for this year. Please understand we will not be giving it out for FREE because we too have the obligation to pay to our tips providers too. If you seriously want a  rebate, you can always buy early rather than last minute purchase. We have been featured in NST last 3 years.  We are credible with good solid forecast background.  BUY NOW!!!


Feb 02nd by AdminTipsexam

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