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The questions here are base on forecast “Ramalan”. We do not guarantee that any of the information provided by tipsexam.com will lead to the  actual SPM 2012. Yes, we have bee tracking some of the popular questions and we hope that this tips will help students to excel in their exam.  These are the additional and latest tips gathered and analyzed base on past 5 years data. We segregate the data and analyzed the trend of the questions. We hope it will help you.

- Aspek Kekeluargaan
- Gejala Negatif (Berlumba, Merokok, Pergaulan bebas) – Kesan/ cara menangani
- Industri Kecil Sederhana
- Semangat kejiranan
- Peranan Pelajar/ Peranan Remaja
- Pelajar menghargai Jasa guru/ Hari Guru
- Kesihatan (Bersukan, Amalan pemakanan sihat)

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SPM Exam tips 2013


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