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After reviewing the UPSR  Mathematics 2012, we have found out that the types of questions have changed. The revamp of questions in the question bank focus more towards critical thinking and problem solving involving 2 steps arithmetic approach. Our team strongly believes the two steps approach makes the questions more challenging and thus improves the quality of the questions.


Jesmin is able to write 30 words in 5 minutes. How many words can she write in an 24 minutes?

……..The Mathematical questions here involves a minimum of 2 steps to solve. First step involves the understanding the concept of average while the Second step involves simple multiplication……..





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PMR Result


Congrats to students who did well with FLYING COLOURS. Looks like we have less straight A’s this year compared to the the previous year. Don’t be too “over the news” because next year would be your first year to Form 4 then to SPM. If you have read the statistics below, It seems that we have less failure compared to 2011. This shows a positive sign as determine by Normal distribution table. The gap between good and poor performers are getting lesser and it is a good sign for our students.

Taken From the Star:

PUTRAJAYA: Fewer students scored all A’s in this year’s Penilaian Menengah Rendah (PMR) examination compared to last year.

Of the 440,643 candidates who sat for the examination, 30,474 scored straight A’s, indicating a 0.85% drop from 2011.

Education deputy director-general Datuk Dr Amin Senin said the results would be analysed further to explain the drop.

“Whether it is the overall performance or students’ scores in individual subjects, we need to do an in-depth study to explain students’ performance,” he told reporters after announcing the results here on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, fewer candidates failed the examinations this year; only 241 candidates scored all E’s this year compared to 346 candidates in 2011.

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