UPSR Science Worksheets


I have attached the UPSR Science worksheets to all my year 6 students. Please download and try out the exercises. We are sorry that the answers are not provided in the the worksheets. If you feel that our notes are good, please visit our Tuition Centre at Pusat Tuition Skor Minda. Courtesy of www.skorminda.com <<—– Visit for more information. Only for Std 4, Std 5 and Std 6 students


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UPSR Exam Tips 2013 + Notes


For those who are keen to purchase our exam tips. Please make a your order now. This year our UPSR exam tips will ensure that you achieve hi SI index. Do not wait any longer.

UPSR Important information
- The price of the Exam tips is RM 120  (Prediction : 80% Accuracy 2013 )
- The price of Nota Perdana is RM 130 (3 Books + 7 Issues of Monthly Notes)

If you purchase both, you will only need to pay for RM 220 (Promotion only last till end of February)

How to Purchase:
Before purchasing from us, please call 012-4594388
You will be required to SMS details for this purchase because this is a promotional package.


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