UPSR English & BM Paper Completion


Good News to all parents, the UPSR tips for 2012 is currently at 90% completion. we will be delivering very soon once we received the final paper Science.  The major subjects are as follow

Our Estimates
a) Math…….. SI 85%
b) Science ….SI 80%
c) English ….SI 70%
d) Mandarin..SI 80%
e) Bahasa Melayu … SI 90%

Estimates 2012:  80% Average across all subjects

Here are some of our conclusion:
Overall, we expect some drop in our estimates when comes to UPSR English in 2012. Please do understand that the drop is still within the range of acceptable. It is not easy to achieve such a high estimates too. The estimates are derived from last year performance and how close our tips as compared to the real exam. SI Index is Satisfaction index, It is base on our feedback for our exam tips.

Jul 06th by AdminTipsexam

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Hot Physics Exam Tips 2012


How do you solve the Physics Paper II and Paper III. We are going to reveal some of the exam tips for Physics Paper II base on our analysis. We cant guarantee that our tips will be 100% accurate but we are certain that if you take your time analyzing the paper, you will find plenty of great tips from our Tips Terpilih Hebat 2012.

We are not trying to brag all about our Exam Tips 2012, but we are more the happy to reveal some the most important section in your Phsyics Paper II and Paper III.

SPM Exam Tips 2012
Please concentrate on Radiation, Electronics and Electromagnetic for 2012. We anticipate there will be at least 2-3 questions for this year. If you want the breakdown of the questions… please purchase a copy of the SPM Tips Terpilih Hebat 2012.


Jul 01st by AdminTipsexam

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