UPSR Seminar and Workshop


We will be conducting our first UPSR Seminar this year 2012. It will be in Penang and we are certain that our students will benefit from the seminar. Our tips will be comprehensive and we are only providing 2.30 hours seminar. Unlike other seminars which drag the whole day. We will be giving out tips “Just Purely Tips” to students.

Location: Pusat Tuisyen Skor Minda
Farlim Ayer Itam
Call: 012-4594388
Price: (Our Students RM 10) Non Students (RM 250)

If you have miss this seminar and unable to attend this seminar, please purchase out materials. It will be really helpful to your child. Satisfaction guaranteed. If you purchase our seminar book. It will cost you RM 170 for the month of July.  Grab it fast if you are not from Penang.  100% satisfaction guaranteed!!!

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Exam Tips Sejarah 2012


We have been gathering tips for PMR Sejarah and SPM sejarah for 2012.  All the Sejarah tips for both PMR and SPM will be revealed in our Tips Terpilih Hebat 2012 edition. Please don’t miss out 2012 edition as we will discuss several topics

How do you study all the chapters below with ease ? Purchase a copy now and start preparing for your PMR and SPM examinations.

Kerajaan Awal
Kegemilangan Melaka
Kesultanan Melayu Melaka
Johor Menegakkan Semula Kewibawaan Kesultanan Melayu Melaka
Kerajaan Negeri negeri Melayu
Warisan Kesultanan Melayu
Kuasa Portugis
Kuasa British
Kekayaan  Hasil Bumi Tanah Melayu
Kesan Kesan Penjajahan British
Kedudukan Jepun

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