UPSR exam tips HOT Tips


First of all, we would like to inform all students that the UPSR exams will start at September. This year the UPSR will be easy to score compared to previous year. All Exam Tips will be delivered 2 weeks before exam. As for UPSR we have finalised 3 subjects which are:-

  1. Bahasa Melayu   est 85%  ….  Forecast (Karangan berbentuk Nilai Murni)
  2. Science est 80% …..  Forecast (Do expect some Killer Tip s from the Exam Tips)
  3. Math est 95%…… Forecast (We estimate that most of the Exam tips will be Super Great )

We do not provide English for this year as we do not have the right candidate to write for the exam tips.

Please dont wait any longer because this year Exam tips 2009 is really AMAZING and Great. Dont be surprise when our exam tips are above your expectation. On top of that our tips are compact!!!!! Dont get swayed by other tips providers because they are selling BOOKS  (Read Everyting) rather than Exam Tips. Exam Tips are surppose to be compact precise and straight to the points

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