Soalan Peperiksaan PMR 2009


What does it take to score in Peperiksaan PMR?

What will you do if we offer you great tips for your PMR ? We have many tutors, school teachers and even tuition teachers buying our tips. We are very confident with our exam tips will be useful in exam.

How does the package looks like?
The package comes with collection of Notes and Questions.

How thick is the notes?
Our Notes are thin approximate 50 pages because we would like to target for last minute revision. YES Good for last minute rush.

What is our accuracy?
Sorry we cant be giving you the exact statistics. However base on our forecast… our goal is at 80%.

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Jadual Waktu SPM 2009


Jadual waktu peperiksaan SPM 2009 . Peperiksaan SPM bermula pada bulan November. Pelajar-pelajar dinasihatkan belajar dengan tekun mulai sekarang kerana peperiksaan ini merupakan kunci ke pintu gerbang universiti.

Muat-turun Jadual Waktu SPM 2009

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