Tips PMR Malaysia Sejarah


Sejarah is one of the subjects which require a lot of factual memorization. The question is, what is the important to be memorized for exams is the crucial point for any of the PMR students to score an A. Most students resort to memorized the whole book rather than breaking down the facts to chronological events. How to study well for Sejarah is not depending on how much you memorized the particular subjects. The method of memorizing important events is what makes the difference between an A’s students and the average Joe. In the Tips Terpilih 2007 and Tips Terpilih 2008, our focus for Sejarah is “Concise, Packed, Factual and Effective”. On top that students will be surely satisfied with our Soalan++ where we speculate 5 questions with 90% of satisfaction index.

Some of the Important Events

Kedatangan orang-orang Portugis (1511 – 1624)
Belanda menawan Melaka daripada Portugis (1641 – 1824)

Portugis menyerah kalah kepada Belanda (1641 – 1824)
Portugis menyerah kalah kepada Belanda (1641 – 1824)
Belanda menyerahkan Melaka kepada Inggeris (1824 – 1941)
Pembukaan Pulau Pinang (1786)

James Brooke di Borneo (1841 – 1863)
Negeri-negeri Melayu Bersekutu (1896)

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