Scoring in Science Subjects


Exam Tips UPSR, PMR and SPM

How do you score the subjective questions?

  1. Please use keywords to answer your questions. Thermal equilibrium, velocity, decaying process, membrane, cholesterol, sediment, chlorophyll and etc.
  2. Do not over explain a question. Students might sway away from the objective of the answer.
  3. Keep your answer simple and short
  4. If the allocation of marks is 3 marks. You are encourage to give 2 answers
  5. When drawing a graph such as quadratic graph, sketch with your hand. Do not use ruler (Very common mistakes)
  6. When drawing chemical instruments or solutions do not darken the instruments and solutions.

What is radioactivity?

Good Answer
Radioactive decay is the process in which an unstable atomic nucleus spontaneously loses energy by emitting ionizing particles and radiation

Over Explained:
Radioactivity is a process where unstable nucleus  undergo radiation decays by emitting particles or radiations. Such particles and radiation energy are alpha, beta and gamma rays. The decaying process will continue to go on in the nucleus until the nucleus achieves  stable state. The alpha particle will carry positive charge, beta particle will carry negative charge while gamma ray is energy ray with neutral charge. NO!!! NO!!! NO!!!!

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Tips Karangan Skor A ++


Bagaimanakah cara cara menulis karangan efektif ? Apakah tips tips yang perlu dipelajari untuk menghasilkan karangan yang bermutu?

  1. Pilih soalan yang tepat (Make sure you choose the right topics)
  2. Merangka karangan menggunakan peta minda (Make sure you design the flow of the essay)
  3. Menulis karangan (Make sure you write the essay)
  4. Mulakan dengan pendahuluan, isi-isi dan kesimpulan (start writing the introduction, body and the conclusion)
  5. Jika anda arif dalam peribahasa- selitkan pada bahagian kesimpulan (Include idioms at the conclusions)

Important Tips:

  1. Make sure the idioms are at the conclusion segment. This is to leave a positive remarks on the essays
  2. Dont tackle hard essay "Always tackle easy essay because you do not want your essay to be off topic"
  3. Make sure you have enough points. Elaborate on points and give short discussions.

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