Promotion for Exam Tips


Since we are going for Chinese new year soon, Tipsexam.com will be providing big discounts for all UPSR, PMR and SPM Students. We hope most of our students will take this opportunity to purchase the Exam Tips while the price is low.

UPSR RM 80 (Minimum 3 Subjects inclusive of Bahasa Melayu for Both SK and SJKC)
PMR RM 80 (Minimum 5 Subjects inclusive of Bahasa Melayu)
SPM RM 80 (Minimum 5 Subjects inclusive of Bahasa Melayu)

Promotion will last till 31 January 2011.
Once the promotion ended, all exam tips will be sold at Market Rate.

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Accuracy of Exam Tips UPSR, PMR and SPM Tips


How do you define Accuracy in exam tips? Are we that accurate? We do not measure our tips base on accuracy but base on satisfaction index. Satisfaction index is derived from feedback about the exam tips and how much it helps students to achieve A’s in exam. Base on the 2009 satisfaction index, we managed to gather more tips from any other tips supplier and most of the tips help greatly. Bottom line we DO NOT SELL LEAK PAPER. We are selling what is important to Score in Exam. It is all about CONCEPT and GREAT ANALYSIS.

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