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How do you spot for the essay in “Bahasa Melayu 2012″? What are the favorite topics for this year? How can you ensure the quality of the exam tips? What is the trend for this year? How can i order? What do i benefit from ordering early?

If you are looking for the answers above, you have come to the right place. We have more than 400 000 readers and visitors per year. Yes all our visitor are either parents and students. Just to answer all the question above before my mail got BOMBED from parents and students. We spot Bahasa Melayu Karangan 2012 base on trend analysis. We obtain trend base on theme for the year. Each year we predict the theme and forecast the type of question base on current events usually for the past 2 years. These are the hot topics. The format of the essay are base on the trend analysis which can be obtain from past year paper. Our exam tips are written by caliber teachers, we do acknowledge that there are times when minor mistakes might occur due to limited time given to rush for production and delivery. We will update students if we encounter any changes/correction. Yes you can order now!!! Ordering early will be an added advantage since early placement will get better discount compare to last minute purchase.
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Dear students,
Sorry for keeping you guys wait. Last 3 days the website is down due to heavy traffic. We have receive exam tips from one of our Bahasa Melayu teacher from Penang. The exam tips are forecast questions done in deep analysis. We cant reveal the name of the teacher but he has been giving seminars in several places. We believe his tips will be one of the best SPM tips Bahasa Melayu Paper.

SPM Bahasa Melayu will consist of detail analysis tips!!!. The analysis will SHOCK YOU!!! .

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Dont worry all our tips are forecast tips. We do not sell leak papers

Interview with our BM tips provider
Tipsexam.com : What do you think of this year exam paper ? What is your strategy?Cikgu XXX. : I am going to forecast on perbincangan and Komsas Portion.Tipsexam.com : So the tips will be accurate ?Cikgu XXX : To be honest,  I spot the question base on what i am good at. Bahasa Melayu is wide in scope. I want to underpromise but overdeliver.Tipsexam.com: Tell me more about your experience as a teacher
Cikgu XXX        : I am conducting a lot of seminars and i have 35 years of experience teaching. I am a full time tuition teacher.Tipsexam.com: What is your next plan Cikgu XXX.Cikgu XXX        : I am thinking of doing it global. Bahasa Melayu online learning.Tipsexam.com: Thanks for your time. (Versi conversation from Bahasa Melayu change to English)

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