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The picture was taken from the following website http://www.illumine.co.uk/. You can visit Mind Maping technique from the website.

Why is Tips Terpilih Hebat is so impressive ? Our Tips went through a lot of customization before delivering the end product to our customer. Tough subjects such as Science for UPSR  is constructed base on Mind Mapping Technique. We explain some of the answer and provide the solution with Mind Maping Technique. BUY NOW… and look at how we deliver our Forecast Exam Tips!!!

The question is.. "Why are some students doing far better than the rest in examinations even with shorter studying time ?" Studying is all about pesonal methodology. If you are studying 8 ours a day, that does not mean you can do much better than those students studying for 2 hours a day. So… What is the secret

Part 1: Mind Mapping
In the part1, i will reveal some of the most interesting mind mapping technique which will surely astonish many students.

  1. How to mind map factual subjects such as science and history?
  2. How to apply mind mapping effectively
  3. How to start Mind Mapping using "keywords"

Lets take a simple example of a Science Subject:
DO NOT start mind mapping with sentences,  outlining or paragraphing (common mistakes) … start off with keywords.  Use "Keywords"  to start your mind mapping. Start off with the BIG IDEA and continue to further derived important notes using  keywords such as wood, cotton, wood, rubber, feather, plastic soil and fur..

Look: Materials properties are made of wood, cotton, rubber, feather, plastic soil and fur. Expand your explanation in the box using keywords rather than sentences.

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Bahasa Melayu UPSR Certain Trend


There is a certain trend in the Bahasa Melayu UPSR . Please be aware that most of the time, there will be the "nilai nilai murni" which will be incorporated as a part of the answering UPSR Bahasa Melayu paper part C or Karangan. Looking back on the trend since 2005-2008 we are sure to provide good Forecast again!! . www.tipexam.com will  compile and provide detail analysis for the 2009 Bahasa Melayu UPSR.

Purchase now the Tips Terpilih Hebat 2009 UPSR  and scope down in detail for UPSR Bahasa Melayu 2009.

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