Exam Tips for Bahasa Melayu 2011


Last year thousands of students are using our Exam Tips. The tips was even used in seminars, tuition centers and schools. Tipsexam.com with the collaboration from school teachers are so proud that most of them score well in exam.

SI index for PMR Bahasa Melayu Paper
2006 = > 100% (Outstanding)
2007 => 80% Good
2008 => 85% Good
2009 = > 60%  Average set back
2010 = > 100% ( Outstanding )

In year 2011 our estimation and breakdown for PMR
Kertas I : Estimate 80%
Kertas II : Estimate 80%

All the information above is base on estimation. Our team will try our beset to forecast the latest tips for 2011. Please purchase early early if you are interested in our exam tips. SOME TESTIMONIAL. HOPE IT HELPS

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Promotion for Exam Tips


Since we are going for Chinese new year soon, Tipsexam.com will be providing big discounts for all UPSR, PMR and SPM Students. We hope most of our students will take this opportunity to purchase the Exam Tips while the price is low.

UPSR RM 80 (Minimum 3 Subjects inclusive of Bahasa Melayu for Both SK and SJKC)
PMR RM 80 (Minimum 5 Subjects inclusive of Bahasa Melayu)
SPM RM 80 (Minimum 5 Subjects inclusive of Bahasa Melayu)

Promotion will last till 31 January 2011.
Once the promotion ended, all exam tips will be sold at Market Rate.

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