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Chemistry Tips 2016

Here are some of the Chemistry tips you want to go through if you sitting for SPM 2016. We are sorry we only list a few base on our policy. Teachers have been looking back and forth on the tips and we are keen to share with you some of our tips before the real SPM

The titles where students should concentrate would be

Chemical Bonds Experiment to prove the difference in conductivity between ionic and covalent compounds in aqueous and molten state
Electrochemistry Electrolysis of molten state of lead(II) Bromide

Aqueous solution:

  1.  Investigating the effect of position of ion in the electrochemical series on the
  2. products of electrolysis
  3.  Investigating the effect of concentration of the ions on the products of the electrolysis

Investigating the effect of types of electrodes used on the products of the electrolysis

Electroplating of spoon

Purification of metals

Simple voltaic cell: Daniel Cell using porous pot and salt bridge

  1. Constructing in electrochemical series based on the potential difference between metals
  2. Constructing in electrochemical series based on the ability of the metal to displace another metal from its salt solution.
Acid and base 1. To study the role of water in showing the properties of an acid.

2.To study the role of water in showing the properties of alkalis

3. To investigate the relationship between pH values and the molarity of an acid or alkalis

4. Neutralization reaction. Titration of acid and alkali using

indicator (Phenolphthalein /methyl orange)

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Spm Chemistry exam tips