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English Tips UPSR 2016


Here are some tips for the English Tips for UPSR paper. The tips came in quite late and we do not have much time to compile it. The tips are mere prediction and not obtain fromleak papers. These tips are analysed by third party and from online sources. Just go through it and try your best to prepare for this.

UPSR English Tips: Essay

  1. Students in the canteen
  2. Activities in the Playground
  3. Taking an order in the restaurant
  4. Helping to clean school compound
  5. Hari Raya celebration in Amirul Hous
  6. Birthday Celebration
  7. A trip to the market

UPSR English Tips :Grammar

The vocab are base on the essay papers. Our team feels that students should learn the relevant vocabularies which can be used in the essay

  1. headmistress
  2. helping hand
  3. Neat
  4. hawkers
  5. drainage
  6. wiping
  7. see saw
  8. swing
  9. thrill
  10. excited
  11. menu
  12. beverage
  13. discount
  14. delicious
  15. dessert
  16. resting area
  17. waiting area
  18. ketupat
  19. baking
  20. icing
  21. elegant
  22. hide and seek

UPSR English Tips: Comprehension


  • Give it a shot – Try
  • Speak your mind – Say what you really feel
  • A piece of cake – Very easy
  • Slipped my mind – I forgot
  • Cross your fingers – For good luck
  • Be in hot water – Be in trouble
  • It cost an arm and a leg – It was expensive
  • It’s in the bag – It’s a certainty
  • Get cold feet – Be nervous
  • A rip off – Too expensive
  • Get a kick out of – Enjoy