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English Writing TIps 2024

English Writing TIps 2024

The Writing assessment contributes 25% to the total grade. It comprises three sections designed for the A2/B2 CEFR range, progressively advancing in difficulty. Each section has specified word limits. The test duration is 90 minutes, with a total of 60 marks available across three tasks, assessed on a five-band scale. Candidates record their responses directly on the question paper.

Part 1 of the Writing test mandates candidates to compose an email to a friend, adhering to a word limit of approximately 80 words.

For Part 2, candidates are required to engage in another compulsory task, involving the creation of an essay within a specified word count of around 150 words.

In Part 3, candidates are presented with a choice of three questions or tasks. The task options encompass various writing formats, such as articles, reviews, reports, or stories. Candidates must choose one task and produce a written piece with an approximate word count of 250 words.