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Exam Tips Science SPM: Ticker Tape

Exam Tips Science SPM: Ticker Tape

How to find the acceleration for the moving object?

Steps to solve

  1. Find the initial and final velocity
  2. Use the acceleration formula

Initial velocity = 0.1 / (5 x 0.02) =  1 ms^-1

Final velocity = 0.05 / (5 x 0.02) = 0.5 ms^-1

Acceleration = (0.5-1) / (3 x 0.1) =1.67 ms^-2

Each tick is 0.02s because TNB Malaysia is providing electricity with 50Hz. For the acceleration and its calculation, please ensure that  you have to minus out one of the set because we are taking average of first and the last portion. The idea of is to reduce random error when taking measurements.