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Intensive Class


The Accelero class is meant for students who need immediate help in math. We have several methods to boost the academic performances of Math from 200% – 500% within 2 class. This is something really amazing and we reserved this class for our premium client.

Who needs this class:-

  • Weak students who wants immediate improvement. STOP FAILING your Math
  • Young learners within the age of 4-7. Pre school kids who want fast track Math
  • Exam Year Students UPSR , PT3 , SPM & IGCSE


This is a 1 to 1 class. The teacher will go to your place to teach. At present moment we can only teach in Penang

Minimum of 1 month. What we can say is, within 2 classes you will see immediate improvement. We will advise parents regarding this learning outcome and it is up to the parents to decide.





  • The price above is base on 2018 – 2019
  • The tutor will inform the parents the number of months needed
  • Materials will be provided ( inclusive of Tipsexam Notes and Customised Material)

Customised Material
We customized the material base on the students performance.  Teacher will be fully dedicated to guide the students and provide materials for enhancement purposes

The program is tailor to help student to excel. It is like a home tutor but we do not standardized materials across all students. He customized the materials to match students performance. The duty to guide the students are very tedious. It requires a few process to really see the result

Among the processes

  • Understanding the student’s problem <— we video record the session using camera. Dont worry we will not reveal the face of the student
  • Breaking psychological problems fearing for math
  • We analyzed why  students are poorly performed
  • We customized reading materials and questions base on their level of understanding
  • We will progressively introduce the students to higher thinking skills with tougher questions
  • We benchmark student’s performance and cross reference with the school test papers
  • etc

We will collect monthly fees. Fees will be collected on the first day of class before the class starts.

4 and 5 years old students able to do complex math with the Accelero Programme