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Jika saya Gagal SPM

Jika saya Gagal SPM


The question is what can you do if you failed your SPM? There are several options for you.

  1. Resit for the July Paper
  2. Instead of taking SPM, opt to take up IGCSE which is easier
  3. Enroll in technical college.


Lets talk about Resitting the July Paper
If you plan to resit the JULY paper, just be aware that not all subjects are offered in the July Paper. You may need to consult with the MOE for a better clarification. You may consider to retake your selected subjects and obtain minimal credits to pursue your college degree.

You may want to enroll in IGCSE exam at the British Council. Since IGCSE is a British Curriculum, you need to take up English as your First Language subject. The English paper is very challenging. You may need:-

  • 3 months advance tutoring for the May Intake
  • Resit the important papers

Technical College
Instead of pursuing your SPM, you may want to look at technical college. For those students are unable to cope with the academic pressure, you may want to go to the technical college.