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PT3 Science 2018 – Tips Peperiksaan

Dear Parents, our PT3 Science tips 2018 is already out. This is really exciting because of 30 pages long tips will help your kids to excel in the exam. We hope this tips will guide every Malaysian to do better in PT3

The price of the book is RM 120.00. The notes are really compact because we place so much emphasis to make this a reliable tips

Analysis and Forecast for the 2018

  1. Cell As a Unit Life
  2. The World Through Senses (Eye and Tongue)
  3. Generation of Electricity (Last minute tips // Hydrolectric, Nuclear Energy, Electrical Transmission and distribution system, Electrical Wiring At Home)
  4. Male and Female Reproductive Organ
  5. Stars and Galaxy / Formation and Death of Stars

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