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SPM Exam Tips 2022

Our Exam Tips for year 2022 will be release somewhere in December 2022 As for last year we have collaborated with INTI college to produce some of the most amazing exam tips for Malaysian students. We estimate it was downloaded 12000 times As for this year, we hope the trend continue across Malaysia and more students may be able to benefit from Tipsexam.com. Our partnership with INTI college  took us 6 months to analyzed the tips from every chapter.

Why are our tips so good?
All of our tips are written by experience tutors. We delegate the exam tips to reputable tutors to predict the most likely questions for students. All our writers has been tutoring for more than 6 years.

Subjects Offered in Tipsexam.com?
Math, Science, English, Physics, Add Math, Chemistry,  Bahasa Melayu, Biology

Can students rely on the tips to excel?
Yes you can rely on the tips for last minute revision. To achieve better results, students must work hard and do more revision besides from the tips provided by tipsexam. Please understand that the tips are NOT LEAK QUESTIONS. 

Do you provide tutoring for the tips provided by tipsexam?
We do offer Personalized Tutoring for our tips. It will cost additional RM 2500 to use the tips.

Do you provide monthly tutorial services ?
Please visit www.skorminda.com for group tuition. Please visit www.onlinetuitionclass.com for  private tutor