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SPM Physics Tips 2019

SPM Physics Tips 2019

Hi Students here are the latest tips for the coming exam. We hope these tips will help you. Here are the top forecast questions for SPM Physics 2019. Oh these are not leak questions. These are top forecast questions for reference. If you need more tips and the format of the questions, you may try out our books.

Kertas 2:

  • Ammeter/ Weighing Scale….. Section A
  • Manometer …….. Section A/B
  • Radioactive Decay…. Section A/B
  • Electromagnetic…. Section C
  • Critical Angle …. Section A
  • Logic Gates…. Section B
  • Diffraction of Sound …… Section B/C
  • Bernoulli’s Principle……Section A
  • Sound / Light Wave ….. Section B or Section C
  • Potential and Kinetic Energy …… Section A/B

Kertas 3: (Experiment!!!!)

  • Electromagnetic – Induce Current
  • Hook’s Law – Elasticity of Spring
  • Inertia – Relationship between mass and Inertia
  • Convex Lens es