We do not sell Leak Papers!! These are 100% tips

UPSR Tips 2018

Dear students, we will be preparing for the UPSR Tips 2018. It is simple to register for a copy of our exam tips. Besides our exam tips, feel free to download our notes and exercises from our portal. We hope our portal will help you to score well in exam.

Is the tips reliable?
Yes with our 85% SI index, most of schools will be using our tips to guide their students in exam

When will i receive the tips?
We will be providing the actual tips 3 weeks before the main exam. At the present you may log into our portal and download our notes

Can i purchase from your shop?
Yes, you can come and visit us at Pusat Tuisyen Skor Minda.  The price of the book will be 10% more expensive if you purchase via hard copy.

Is the questions and forecast papers “Leak Papers”?
Nope. These are all our analysis from various sources